Network Trainers

Training for players and coaches is provided to all teams in the Extreme Baseball & Softball Club by the Extreme Network. We are blessed to have the Extreme Network. Our trainers bring knowledge, love, and passion to the athletes. They are devoted to our athletes and committed to being a part of their growth as players and individuals. Get to know our network trainers.

Meet the Staff & Trainers


Cody Massey

Extreme Network Trainer - Hitting/Defense
"I am passionate about helping our athletes achieve their goals and preparing them for success in the game and in life. The mission of Extreme BSC and their 3-Dimensional approach to coaching is something that I love being a part of. I look forward to touching a tomorrow that I will never see by impacting our young athletes both on and off the field."

Paul Tremlin

Extreme Network Trainer - OTD
"Being a trainer provides me a platform to support, educate, and impact our athletes on and off the field through impressing on them the values and benefits of living a healthy, fearless life."

Chris Thomas

Extreme Network Trainer - Strength and Conditioning
"I am blessed to make an impact on our athletes' development in baseball and softball, but also learn to build habits for lifelong health and fitness. Many lessons are learned during training in the weight room and those translate to many aspects of life. My goal as a trainer is to develop relationships with my athletes and prepare them for their journey through sport, fitness, and life."

Brett Swip

Extreme Network Trainer - Defense
"Being an Extreme Network trainer is special! It is different from any other coaching opportunity I have had. To be able to join a team during the middle of their offseason and help them accomplish their goals is something I don't take for granted. I study our curriculum, I study each team I train, and I work to coach each individual on that team with their individual goals in mind. It's amazing to be a part of coaches, trainers, and athletes all working together to achieve."

Alexa Potts

Extreme Network Trainer - Hitting/Defense
"I'm excited to continue on my Network Trainer journey. It's been an awesome experience to watch athletes grow and develop. I've enjoyed taking my knowledge and experience and applying it to helping younger athletes so that they can accomplish great things throughout their baseball careers."

Chris Fair

Extreme Network Trainer - Hitting/Defense
"I first got into coaching for the same reason many do- my playing days were over and I just wanted to be around the game. I quickly learned that more than just being around the game, the opportunity to impact players and families was the real reason for me to stay around the game. I feel fortunate to have been impacted by great coaches in the game from a young age and even still today. Being a Network Trainer has allowed me to make that same impact across many different teams, age groups, and coaching staffs around many different skills inside the game... Not just baseball skills, but life skills. I consider myself a lifelong learner and just as much as I have taught the game and impacted athletes, coaches, and families, they have impacted me even more. I am constantly grateful for the opportunity Network Training has provided me to create that impact."

Kassidy Smith

Extreme Network Trainer - Softball Catching
"I am an Extreme Trainer because it has always been my goal to give back to the sport that has given me so much! I have been a part of the Extreme Family for over half of my life, and I knew that there was no better place for me to help give back. I want to help youth softball players achieve their dreams and teach them valuable life lessons along the way, just as my Extreme coaches did for me!"

Tim Fox

Extreme Network Trainer - Hitting/Defense
"I have been extremely fortunate, as a coach and a trainer, to get to work with some of the most dedicated and skilled athletes in the Midwest. For me, baseball and softball are such great platforms for me to pass on knowledge gained over the years, share my faith, and to build life long relationships with my players and families."

Casey Fair

Extreme Network Trainer - OTD/Strength and Conditioning
" I am a Network Trainer because I am passionate about helping athletes fall in love with this game. It is important to me to be surrounded by growth minded people, and that's exactly what I get here at Extreme BSC. It truly is a family here and we all want to see our athletes grow and develop into great players and community servants!"

Caleb Sneed

Extreme Network Trainer - Hitting/Defense
"I'm excited to continue on my Network Trainer journey. It's been an awesome experience to watch athletes grow and develop. I've enjoyed taking my knowledge and experience and applying it to helping younger athletes so that they can accomplish great things throughout their baseball careers."

Shelbee Sneed

Extreme Network Trainer - Softball Pitching
"I love being a network trainer because I love showing athletes how to do what I've spent most of my life doing. It's really exciting to watch young athletes form their skillset and older athletes perfect their skillset. Showing them the genuine interest that all network trainers show in their improvements and in their lives is something that I really value and I am looking forward to continuing that for seasons to come!"

Dustin Woodcock

Extreme Network Trainer - Strength and Conditioning
"I am and Extreme Network Trainer because I had a lot of great coaches growing up and I wanted to spread my knowledge and help youth players. There are too many youth players that don't get the opportunity for the skilled training they need, so I want to be a small part in allowing as many athletes as I can in getting those experiences."

Jessica Schmittling

Extreme Network Trainer - Softball Defense/Hitting
"I am passionate about growing softball in our community, and network training allows me the opportunity to be involved with teams at multiple age groups to see that vision through. I get to build relationships with athletes at all levels and watch their softball journeys unfold right before my eyes! I am grateful that through this experience it challenges me to grow as a coach/trainer and stay current in this ever-changing game."

Hunter Hisky

Extreme Network Trainer - Baseball Catching/Hitting
"I choose to be an Extreme Network Trainer because the game has given a lot to me over the course of my career and I love giving back to the younger generations of athletes."

Jill Niehaus

Extreme Network Trainer - Softball Defense
"I choose to be an Extreme trainer and coach because I want to help prepare kids for their future in all forms. I want them to know they are loved by Jesus and with Him, hard work, diligence, and passion, all things are possible. I lead with energy because Jesus lives inside of me and breaths through me. I truly think this is a calling on my life to help guide young athletes into their calling. I want to give back to the Extreme because they poured into me as an athlete and I truly believe in their mission."

Jason Smith

Extreme Network Trainer - Softball Pitching

Heath Keller

Extreme Network Trainer - Baseball Defense
"Being an Extreme Trainer is a rewarding experience as I get to work with players and coaches on individual and team defense in one of best baseball and softball clubs in the Midwest. As a trainer, building relationships with the players and seeing them improve each session is what continues to be the most enjoyable part."

Sam Weber

Extreme Network Trainer - Baseball Pitching
"I got into coaching because I love the game of baseball, and specifically pitching. What I have learned along the way though, is that it has allowed me to serve and to form meaningful relationships with people beyond just the realm of baseball. It has taken me on a path I never would have imagined when I first entered into this occupation. I have undoubtedly learned more from the players than they have from me."

The Players

Our players have shown a lot of growth through our network. Hear their thoughts on the network and how it has impacted them.


Kaleb Hinkle-Pruett

Player - 16U Elite National
“I love Network Training because it has made me bigger, faster, stronger, smarter, and more skilled in ways I never thought I could be."
Aleigha-240x300 (1)

Aleigha Cory

Player - 16U Elite
“I loved how we got to work with a variety of coaches and learn different techniques through network training.”
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Will Millard

Player - 15u Elite National
“I love Network Training because it drives me to be the best player that I can.”

Josie Woodrome

Player - 14U
“One of my favorite things about Network Training is how the coaches push you to become a better athlete.”

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