Network Trainers

Training for players and coaches is provided to all teams in the Extreme Baseball & Softball Club by the Extreme Network. We are blessed to have the Extreme Network. Our trainers bring knowledge, love, and passion to the athletes. They are devoted to our athletes and committed to being a part of their growth as players and individuals. Get to know our network trainers.

Meet the Staff & Trainers


Cody Massey

Extreme Network Trainer - Hitting/Defense
"I coach for the opportunity to develop athletes as people and hopefully leave an impact on them in a way that my coaches had an impact on me."

Paul Tremlin

Extreme Network Trainer - OTD
“I am blessed to have the ability to build relationships with and educate so many athletes in implementing throwing/pitching systems that will allow them to develop physically, all while staying healthy”

Chris Thomas

Extreme Network Trainer - Strength and Conditioning
“The Extreme Network has allowed me to impact so many more athletes and to team up with an organization working so hard to narrow the gap in youth sports.”

Brett Swip

Extreme Network Trainer - Defense
“My love of the game is on the field, the Extreme Network allows me the opportunity to help ballplayers not just get better in the cage, but to adapt it to the field of play!”

Alexa Potts

Extreme Network Trainer - Hitting/Defense
“The Extreme Network has provided an avenue for all of our players and coaches to learn and seek knowledge from some of the best trainers in the area.”

Chris Fair

Extreme Network Trainer - Hitting/Defense
“The Network looks at where athletes in our region are lacking, and sets a curriculum to close the gap.”

Briah Winchester

Extreme Network Trainer - Softball Pitching/Catching

Tim Fox

Extreme Network Trainer - Hitting/Defense
“Through Network training, I have met hundreds of athletes with the common goal of becoming the best they can be in the craft they love, defense. It has been a blessing getting to watch them develop over the winter months translating to confidence and a “no fear” mentality on the field.”

Casey Fair

Extreme Network Trainer - OTD/Strength and Conditioning
"In love with the game. Passionate about developing athletes and better human beings. I coach to make a difference in and outside of the game. I want to develop new ways of thinking, training, and competing."
Caleb Sneed Network Trainer

Caleb Sneed

Extreme Network Trainer - Hitting/Defense
“I want to give back to the younger generations because baseball has given me so much in my life. When you train the correct way and strive to be the best you can be, this game will reward you.”

Shelbee Sneed

Extreme Network Trainer - Softball Pitching
"I love getting the opportunity to share my passions with young players and watching them grow into great athletes one day at a time."

Keith Lowry

Extreme Network Trainer - Baseball Pitching/Hitting

Jessica Schmittling

Extreme Network Trainer - Softball Defense/Hitting

Tim Gurnow

Extreme Network Trainer - Baseball Catching

Beth Mersinger

Extreme Network Trainer - Softball Hitting

Jason Smith

Extreme Network Trainer - Softball Pitching

Paige Schmittling

Extreme Network Trainer - Softball Hitting/Defense

Laura Molinar

Extreme Network Trainer - Softball Catching

The Players

Our players have shown a lot of growth through our network. Hear their thoughts on the network and how it has impacted them.


Kaleb Hinkle-Pruett

Player - 16U Elite National
“I love Network Training because it has made me bigger, faster, stronger, smarter, and more skilled in ways I never thought I could be."
Aleigha-240x300 (1)

Aleigha Cory

Player - 16U Elite
“I loved how we got to work with a variety of coaches and learn different techniques through network training.”
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Will Millard

Player - 15u Elite National
“I love Network Training because it drives me to be the best player that I can.”

Josie Woodrome

Player - 14U
“One of my favorite things about Network Training is how the coaches push you to become a better athlete.”

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