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Extreme Elite Baseball in Atlanta, Georgia

Paving the Way and Building a Legacy: All 4 Elite Baseball Teams Set to Compete in Atlanta
The Extreme Elite Baseball program began in 2014 with 2 teams – a 14u and a 15u team.  One of our goals at that time was to expose our Elite teams to the best possible regional and national competition. Just 3 years later we now have 4 teams (14u, 15u, 16u, and 17u) all competing in the Perfect Game WWBA National Championships in Emerson, GA.  One of the biggest and most highly recruited and scouted events in the country. It is an awesome opportunity for our players to compete on a national stage.
Our 17u team has had the same core group of players since we started the program back in 2014 when they were 15u. These guys have really helped blaze a trail for our program and for the teams that come behind them.
It is exciting to see our program being put  “on the map” after such a short time!

The Post Game Handshake – Tim Fox

The post game handshake is the last opportunity our players get to acknowledge the other team’s players and coaching staff.  It is vital that, during this handshake, players learn eye contact, respect, and sincere gratitude.    Not only do Extreme teams thank the opposing team and their efforts, but also the umpires.  These umpires value the post game handshake more than we may think.  It can set you apart from other teams, make people remember you, show your respect and the kind of character you have as an individual. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, the handshake shows you’re a professional and in it for the right reasons. You are capable of taking defeat and showing respect just as you are of coming out on top and still having that respect. Let us show our Extreme Pride through this post game handshake to opponents and umpires alike.

As always, culture is a big component of a successful organization, business and life. You are who you surround yourself by and those people can drive you to make you better, happier and the best you possible. Or they can bring you down, hold you back and not allow you to grow. There are a few points of the Extreme culture that we take pride in. Stay tuned and continue to check on our blog for topics that our Network Trainers and Coaches think make the Extreme great!

Extreme Sponsor T-Shirts – Brett Swip

The topic for today is Extreme Sponsor T-shirts. Coach Brett Swip explains the importance of representing our E.3D.Lightsbrand through Extreme Sponsor T-Shirts. Culture is an important piece of the puzzle in our approach. There are lots of things that separate each team, however, a few bring us together as an organization. Proper attire can set an organization apart from others in the area and in the country. Coaches representing wearing our Extreme sponsor t-shirts are a big part of that. Coaches are looked up to, followed and can be seen as the face of the organization. It all starts from the top so we ask that our coaches represent so their players follow suit. There is a lot of pride in our organization and every person is a part of it. Thank you for being a part of Extreme and making it great.


There are a few topics that we strive to be consistent throughout our organization. Leaders of our club will answer the call of what they think is important and why. Stay tuned for more videos from our coaches, network trainers and more on these topics. As you see them, watch our program grow and culture change as we become even more unified than ever before. Thank you.

Determining Caloric Needs

In December, the Extreme Elite high school program received an impactful presentation from Extreme Network trainers, Josh Nimmo and Chris Thomas on nutritional topics specific to the athlete.  The takeaways for our high school coaches, players and families were powerful and have immediately benefited the group.
As a reminder, the key takeaways from the presentation that our athletes have benefited from include how to:
1) Calculate your athlete’s specific caloric need (specific to their individual performance goals)
2) Implement a pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout nutrition plan that allows our athletes to receive full benefit of the training they are participating in
As an Organization, we are constantly monitoring the output that is created from the input that is put in to our program (in this example, what nutritional changed behaviors are initiated in our Organization from the information that was presented to us).  The Organization has determined there is still more room for us to implement and benefit from these takeaways.
Our Organization asked Coach Nimmo and Coach Thomas to video live examples of the takeaways to better train our coaches, players, and families on these topics.  Please view these videos as a family.  Many of these topics will be discussed in upcoming training sessions in our older programs.