The Extreme Partnership Program is a great way for businesses to get exposure to the teams and families in our program. We offer four levels of sponsorship with various ad exposure. 

These banners purchased will be put up in the Extreme Annex on our sponsor wall as pictured below.

You can also purchase ad space on the home page of our website also shown below. 


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Platinum Banner
Gold Banner
Silver Banner Ad

Platinum Banner

$1500 per Year
  • 4' x 8' banner of your logo with Name, 3 lines of contact and text box

Gold Banner

$750 per Year
  • 2' x 4' banner of your logo with Name and 1 line of contact

Silver Banner

$375 per Year
  • 1' x 2' banner with your Name and 1 line of contact on the banner

Website Ad

$200 per Month
  • Logo, business name and 1 contact line to be displayed at extreme

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.40.09 PM


Extreme Annex Information:

- In 2006, the Extreme Baseball & Softball Club built the Extreme Building located on Complex Dr in the Collinsville Sports Complex.  This facility was 3600 square feet of batting cages, equipment storage, a video room, an office, bathrooms, and seating for spectators.  
- Due to the growth of the Extreme Baseball & Softball Club, the organization needed an additional facility, thus the Extreme Annex project began.
- Phase 1 of the Extreme Annex buildout was completed in January 2016.  
- Phase 1 includes over 14,000 square feet of batting cages, turf infield, pitching bullpens, classroom, offices, comfortable seating for spectators, and wifi access.
- Phase 2 will include the complete build out of over 30,000 square feet in the entire facility.
- Athletes range in age from 7-18 train in the Extreme Annex.
- Annually, over 40,131 participants use the Extreme Annex.
- Coaches and trainers in skills such as baseball, softball, fitness, nutrition, recruiting, and other sport specific areas use the Extreme Annex to support our athletes.
- Click here to learn more about the coaches and trainers included in our Extreme Network

Extreme Organization Information:

- Founded in 1999, the Extreme started with 2 softball teams.
- In 2016, we had over 20 softball and baseball teams.
- In 2017, our organization will have 40 teams with local and regional players.
- We train over 100 athletes daily in Collinsville, IL in our facilities.
- Team practices occur 1-2 times per week in our facilities.
- Annually, we host over 1000 games in Collinsville, IL.
- The tournaments we host attract regional and national players in to Collinsville, IL (in 2017, we will attract 750+ teams)

Over the next 5 years, the Extreme Organization will have:

300 teams

4,000 athletes

6,000 families

3,900 tournament participants

4.5 million dollars spent in the community