The Extreme Baseball and Softball Club experience is unique compared to your typical club experience in the way that we run our club, our model, and the values and beliefs we stand by. Founded in 1999, we ran 15 years of our club as a lot of other clubs did and still do by running under a 1-Dimensional model, a model solely focused on the outcomes involved in the sport (scholarships, trophies, etc) versus the growth of our athletes, families, and coaches. The 1-Dimensional model lacked long-term vision, provided instability and unsustainability, and only allowed us to impact players for a short period of time.

After a few years of study and research, we came to realize we were not fulfilling our full mission as a club. While winning and seeing players earn college scholarships are great feats and achievements we still strive for as a club, we knew there was more we wanted to accomplish within the community around us. We also realized the program was not connected from bottom to top. It was impossible for us to project a player’s growth through the system so instead of being a feeder system type program, we had players constantly coming in and out of the program at all ages.

We knew it was time for a change and wanted to provide an all around experience for our families, athletes, and coaches that went beyond the outcomes of the sport and included developing them as people who could be successful in all phases of life. We began researching other successful clubs around the country who “did it the right way” and began to create a vision for what our new model would look like. In the 2015-16 season, we launched the 3 Dimensional Model 

The 3-Dimensional Model is the baseline for the Extreme Club Experience. This model allows us to truly impact families for a life-time, provides a feeder system type program, gives families a clear picture of the long term vision and where their child fits, and puts a focus on not just the physical component of the game but the mental and spiritual.

The five bullet points below highlight a few main areas that we focus on as a club and how we have set ourselves apart amongst other clubs by providing a great all around family experience.

1) All Inclusive Training Model

 Training included when you join our club (Network Training)

2) Process Over Outcome

 Long term vision, How do we get to the outcome?

3) Character Development

 Person > Player, life skills, community service

4) Player, Parent, and Coach Support

 Coaches clinics, seminars, recruiting, fundraising

5) Family Forever

 Relationships lasting a life time, Extreme Pride, team bonding events

In just 2 short years under this new model, we have seen this model change the outlook and perspective of players, parents, and coaches in our program. We look forward to the long-term impact the 3-Dimensional Model will have on our community. We are committed to developing the whole person, preparing your child for the next stage of their life, and providing a great all around experience that will impact you forever!