We are excited to announce we have officially partnered with DeMarini for the upcoming 2015-2016 season! During our discussions with DeMarini, it was made clear that providing the 3D experience in youth sports is also key to their mission. Our partnership allows for collaboration with DeMarini's Research & Development Team to ensure the equipment our Extreme athletes use is contributing to their 3D experience.


Part of providing the 3D experience in youth sports is ensuring that our athletes are fitted with the right equipment.  Our teams enjoy the benefits of being Powered by DeMarini through team equipment demo days.  This event ensures our athletes are being fitted for the appropriate equipment at the appropriate age.  Glove & bat sizing, equipment upkeep, and special discounts help our families navigate their equipment investment.


Wilson & DeMarini shows our 3D athletes how to take pride in caring for their glove. Watch the ways that these professional baseball & softball athletes show pride for their equipment.  Learn from the pros early for the life span of your glove.  

Wilson & DeMarini help 3D athletes know the importance in glove size, pocket type, and other position specific requirements (and no, these sizes are not different for softball players, just the art of fitting and breaking it in for softball).  This video helps answer the "how big should a baseball and/or softball glove be?" question.

Wilson & DeMarini show our 3D athletes how spending time breaking in their gloves with purpose can pay off.  Watch and listen on how to break in your baseball and softball glove.  From personalization to the do's and do nots of not using steamers & microwaves to breaking baseball and softball gloves. 

Wilson & DeMarini show 3D athletes how to take personal ownership in the conditioning of their gloves.  Baseball and Softball glove care and conditioning helps the leather and lifespan of a glove.

Wilson & DeMarini help our 3D athletes learn how to make the glove personally fit the characteristics of their hand. Learn how to fit and repair your baseball and softball glove through the skills of relacing.  Glove control and comfort for the baseball and softball athlete elevates their defense abilities.