2017-2018 Baseball Pitching Advancements


I am excited to share with you a snapshot of what 2016-17 looked like, regarding our Extreme Network pitching. There is a tremendous amount of effort that is made when it comes to the safety and development of our Extreme Baseball athletes’ arms. Continued research and improvement of our throwing / pitching systems to encourage proper arm health and velocity development remains top priority in our Network curriculum and that was evident this past Network season. Of course, the challenge is to continue to improve and the 2017-18 season will see just that. First, let’s recap last season.


  • Growth not only in our physical training space, but also in our Network Overhand Throwing Development (OTD) and Pitching resources
    • Dylan Craig (Illinois State, Colorado Rockies)
    • Mike Sabatino (Lindenwood University, Belleville)
  • Improved throwing / pitching systems that focused on:
    • arm strength
    • proper arm action
    • velocity development
    • increased body control
    • bullpen routines
    • pitch attack sequences
    • mental approach
  • Velocity data collection of our Extreme Baseball athletes to measure current status of our program and future improvements
  • Additional Network training tools
    • King of the Hill Trainers
    • Driveline Baseball plyo and weighted balls
    • Jaeger Bands (J Bands)
  • Further education on throwing / pitching development and philosophies presented to coaches via EClubs


  • Extreme Pitching Manuals for coaches to support during team practices and throughout the season
    • High School Edition
    • Youth Edition
  • The Extreme Network will assist Head Coaches in assigning and training Team Pitching Coaches on their staff.       This coaching staff role will be responsible for the development and support of all overhand athletes and pitchers
  • Extreme Pitching Summits will be offered throughout the year to provide more education on our philosophies, science behind throwing / pitching, different focuses throughout the year, and live demonstrations
  • Extreme Pitching (Closed) Group on Facebook to share videos, knowledge, questions, etc
  • Live competition during our Spring Training phase will allow pitchers to compete live against Extreme hitters. This advancement will be made possible by fully enclosing Bullpen 2 space, along with adding a hitter’s eye

I am incredibly blessed to be a part of this journey of pitching development with you and I am very excited for what 2017-18 will bring!

Extreme Network Overhand Throwing Development & Pitching Director,
Paul Tremlin