Extreme Elite Softball Hosts Inaugural Colorado Bash

The Inaugural Extreme Elite Colorado Bash has been a highlight of what’s becoming an incredible experience for so many in Aurora, Colorado. After weeks of preparation by Extreme Elite’s Softball Recruiting Committee, led by Ron Schmittling, all 4 Elite Softball teams gathered together to celebrate the growth and journey of Extreme Elite Softball.

“We wanted to create an opportunity that would allow our current Elite players/families and alumni the chance to spend time together as a family. We’ve always talked about coming together as a program [Elite Softball] and this time we finally were able to do so thanks to the efforts of Jerry Poore, Jason Smith and so many others!” – Ron Schmittling

The event included food, fellowship and even competitive games that were organized by participating alumni. One game that ended up being a huge hit was ‘Baby Backpack Bunkbed’ [don’t ask us what that is]!

“The fellowship and energy was off the charts from anything else that we’ve done before! To have so many alumni [current coaches and locals] come out and spend time with our Elite athletes is something that our athletes will remember forever.” – Ron Schmittling

It wasn’t long after the event that many athletes took to social media to express their gratitude and appreciation for the inaugural event. One post that connected with many current athletes and alumni was from 18U Elite athlete Libby Munsterman.

“A few months ago I posted something explaining my passion for the Extreme organization. We have only been in Colorado 2 days, but tonight was a good reminder of how thankful I am to be a part of this AMAZING organization. I was able to spend the morning playing softball and exploring beautiful Colorado. This evening I was a part of the 1st ever Extreme Elite Colorado Bash. The 4 teams who traveled to Colorado all met, bonded, and played games. I believe this is proof for my earlier statement: we aren’t just an organization, we are a family.” – Libby Munsterman

Couldn’t have said it any better!
Extreme Pride!