Determining Caloric Needs

In December, the Extreme Elite high school program received an impactful presentation from Extreme Network trainers, Josh Nimmo and Chris Thomas on nutritional topics specific to the athlete.  The takeaways for our high school coaches, players and families were powerful and have immediately benefited the group.
As a reminder, the key takeaways from the presentation that our athletes have benefited from include how to:
1) Calculate your athlete’s specific caloric need (specific to their individual performance goals)
2) Implement a pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout nutrition plan that allows our athletes to receive full benefit of the training they are participating in
As an Organization, we are constantly monitoring the output that is created from the input that is put in to our program (in this example, what nutritional changed behaviors are initiated in our Organization from the information that was presented to us).  The Organization has determined there is still more room for us to implement and benefit from these takeaways.
Our Organization asked Coach Nimmo and Coach Thomas to video live examples of the takeaways to better train our coaches, players, and families on these topics.  Please view these videos as a family.  Many of these topics will be discussed in upcoming training sessions in our older programs.