Competitive vs Elite: What type of training should my High School athlete be doing?

11693944_10153329027854718_6965280497664852898_nFor the first time in program history, high school athletes will have the opportunity to tryout for two different programs in the Extreme with the Competitive and Elite Programs. Our goal is to help families match their expectations with the right environment. Both programs are built to support athletes who are pursuing higher competition levels in the game. Each family will have more support in making the decision for which environment is right for them. Our coaches are better equipped to support all high school athletes by helping the families place their athlete in the environment that is ideal for them.

Competitive Teams:

  1. Regional tournaments
  2. High level high school ball
  3. Collegiate bound athletes with local and regional goals

The competitive athlete has high goal aspirations. The athletes who join the competitive teams are transitioning into developing structure and a plan to accomplish their goals. Most of the competitive athletes strive to play past high school but haven’t spent extensive time in a weight room or a skill training session utilizing professional coaches. The competitive program helps athletes and families stair step towards the extra work needed to expand their game and playing experience. Most competitive athletes are focused on making their high school teams and gaining Varsity playing time while competing at a strong high school level. Competitive athletes are looking for opportunities to go on and play college ball, in a regional setting. The competitive program gives players an opportunity to transition into further development and into a regional competition level.11540927_10152971663016198_4984132703536939291_n

Elite – National Program:

  1. National competition playing against the top 100 programs in the country
  2. All-inclusive development for the team to close the gap and chase out inconsistencies found between the mid-west and the rest of the country
  3. College bound and beyond – goals to play at the highest levels

The Elite brand has been around since 2010. It was the first time the program went outside the region and competed on the national level. Running into long-standing programs with traditions of top-flight scholarship athletes showed us that we had gaps to fill in our Midwest talent. Through our evaluation of the previous Elite program, we began to see what held us back from achieving our mission. The program was inconsistent in the development plan of athletes, the approach of coaching, and the expectations of parents. The new Elite – National Program is designed to close the gap on these inconsistencies. To have the right experience your athlete needs right environment and development.

Which environment is right for your athlete?   For families making the decision we encourage them to consider the distinction between the environments, commitment, and competition level. Our coaches, support staff, and executive directors are here to help you through the decision process. Both programs will be 3D experiences and have success – the key is matching the right environment with the right expectations. Fundraising support will be extensive for families in all our programs, especially those participating in the Competitive and Elite – National Programs.