Training: How much is appropriate at what age?

Junior Pic2Proper amount of training is a question every family faces. Should my 6 year old be training as often as my 16 year old. What type of training should each age group be doing? Is training with just their team enough? Should they be training year round? A component of stress on the youth athlete and their families today is understanding and making decisions around the appropriate amount of training for their sport as it relates to the age and commitment level of that athlete. Parents are faced with tough decisions such as:

At what point do we participate in college camps?
At what point do we need more individual attention in training with a private instructor?
How often should I be training when my child is 8, 14, and 18 years old?
At what point do I need to invest in the best equipment, play in the top tournaments offered, and increase our travel for competition?

Currently all these questions are sitting at the dinner table with families while burnout of youth athletes is at an all-time high. Listen below to hear co-founder Brett Swip discuss the physical and skill development issues facing families in youth sports today.