Fundraising Benefits to Relieve Financial Stress for Families

istock_000002308797xsmallThe goal of the Extreme is to make fundraising options available to every family no matter what their need is so as to better help their child have a 3D experience in youth sports. Our families range from single parent income trying to make ends meet to two income households who are able to write the player fee in one check. It is our mission to provide the 3D experience to every family and kid who wants it – regardless of financial stature.

“For more than a decade Tom Matysik made sure any child could play in the Extreme – even if their family had money problems.” For more about Tom – see this article about him in the Suburban Journals.

Tom’s impact on the organization will forever be felt even though he is no longer with us as he went to be with our Lord and Savior during the spring of 2012.

Options to pay my Player Fees:

  1. Out of pocket from family funds
  2. Fundraised by participating in monthly fundraising opportunities presented by the organization
  3. Any combination of family or fundraised funds.

Player fees vary based off the age and development plan for each team. The total fee is broken down into monthly installments over a 12 month period. Where the family can choose to pay out of pocket or participate in fundraing the fee for that month. By knowing upfront what that looks like the family can proactively plan their finances around fundraising, out of pocket pay, or a combination of both.

Families may choose to participate in any or all of the fundraising opportunities made available to lower or eliminate the out of pocket player fee for that month.   Any combination of parent paid or fundraising is acceptable. If funds from fundraising are over the amount of the monthly installment the remaining funds go to future months installments. 100% of dollars from fundraising by a family goes to their player fee account balance. Families have complete transparency on the remaining player fee amount due to participate so they can determine if fundraising is something they want to consider. They will know where they stand so they can plan and not be surprised.

Our Athlete Roadmap & Fundraising is how we combat against the below scenario:

A family had a recent first time experience with their son & some friends who wanted to dive deeper into soccer. The kids were 8 year olds & it was many of the parents first time in the world of sport outside of school. At the end of it all the family spent around $600 for all the activities he participated in. The coach didn’t communicate that it would cost $600 because he really didn’t know. He just went from activity to activity seeing if the families wanted to participate each time. The families loved the coach, the environment but by the end of the year they were more focused on money than enjoying the experience.

First is was $100 for a fall league, next $100 for ball handling and skill practice with some instructors, into indoor league, spring league, uniforms, etc. The kids were having a blast and loving it, but for a number of families the pressure was building. They didn’t want to be the ones to say no to their kid or the team. Had they known their son would spend about 6 months in different soccer activities and the total budget would be $600 they could have gotten organized and planned. By being organized upfront, the families would have seen a 6-month plan and immediately budgeted $100/month.

Planning can eliminate the out of pocket cost altogether if the families choose so. The Extreme Organization prides ourselves on providing the roadmap for families so they have the choice and opportunity to decide the best option –  to participate in fundraising their fees or just pay, and to be able to look ahead so they understand when time commitment and financial commitment will increase. The roadmap & fundraising efforts continue to represent Tom in the Extreme – that no kid gets turned away because of family financial hardships.